Making Up is Hard to Do…

So, I have decided that the people who most offended me during my first week of recovery weren’t jerks, they just don’t know how to deal with their life and my cancer at the same time.  I mean, how can you complain about how bad your life is when you don’t have cancer right?  It makes sense.  So, I extended the olive branch to Scarlet.  I sent her a text today.  She was pissed about my list, even though I had deleted it from Facebook.  Apparently, based on the texts, I was correct in assuming that our other friend had been throwing me under the bus to Scarlet.  However, I’m not mad.  I’m over it.  That’s something that cancer has done for me.  It has made it so much easier to let things go.

Scarlet has apparently had a shit storm go on in her life.  She’s considering quitting one of her jobs, going back to school, dealing with 2 kids and a husband with whom she doesn’t have the best relationship.  I guess she didn’t feel like she could complain to me about how crazy her life was when I had cancer.  I mean, I understand that cancer is pretty much the trump card, but I don’t want it to trump the lives of the people around me.  I don’t want it to trump my life either.

I wasn’t sure if we were back on track, or still volleying grenades.  So, I suggested to The Hubs that we go to Scarlet’s bar for lunch.  He agreed, and off we went.  It was interesting.  Once we sat face to face and talked, we both realized what had happened.  The third wheel in our relationship, Pink, had been throwing us both under the bus and causing more problems than it was worth.  Maybe making up isn’t so hard to do.

Another interesting note, before we headed to Scarlet’s bar for lunch, The Hubs received a text message from Pink’s husband asking him to help them move.  About a half hour later, I received 2 texts from Pink wanting to apologize.  I ignore them.  Not because I’m bitter.  Let me tell you, the one thing this ordeal has helped me do is to let all the meaningless BS go!  I don’t want or need an apology.  I want to move on.  I want to have fun with my friends.  Besides, I knew whatever I texted back would be taken wrong and stir up the whole thing all over again.  This is Pink’s specialty – drama!  So I left it in The Hubs’s capable hands.  I told him to text them and see if they still needed help – at this point they were done.  I told him to tell them we were going to Scarlet’s bar for a late lunch if they wanted to join us.  They did.  Thankfully, it was a drama free afternoon.  Maybe we are back on track afterall.



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