The Tylenol PM Hangover

Well, sleeping hasn’t been easy.  I go to bed at 10:30 pm.  Yes, I know I’m a vibrant 37 year old, but I’m a first grade teacher.  10:30 is pushing it on a school night!  Anyway, most nights (before cancer), I go to bed and sleep until about 5:00 am, get up for a bathroom break, and then go back to sleep until the alarm goes off at 6:30.

But, it’s been different since cancer.  I sleep maybe 3 hours at a time.  I go to bed at 10:30 – trying to stay on my schedule – wake up at 1:30, stay up until 3:30, go back to sleep, wake up at 5:30, stay up until about 7:00, go back to sleep, get out of bed at 10:30.  I try very hard not to take a nap, but sometimes, it’s inevitable!  I figure, if I don’t take a nap, I’ll be tired when I go to bed and I’ll be able to sleep. Even when I succeed with that thought, it’s not so.

So, the experiment was to go out to dinner and then for drinks and karaoke.  Surely that would exhaust me and I would sleep.  Exhausting yes, sleep no.  I went to bed at 3:00 am and was awake at 8:30.  Ok, I guess 5 hours is better than 3 hours, but seriously???

We followed up our night out with breakfast at our new favorite restaurant – Biscuits.  It’s a crazy mash-up of traditional American, diner, comfort food and authentic Mexican dishes.  The menu is 8 pages of deliciousness!  So, how could I not fall asleep with a food coma?  But, I persevered.  I stayed awake.  I refused to take a nap.  I would sleep!  The Hubs and I stayed up late again, watched a movie, then went to bed.  I took two Tylenol PM tablets – no pain pills, I was being frugal with them and they don’t seem to help with the sleeping thing anyway.  When I woke up on Sunday, I felt like I was in a fog.  I really wanted to curl up in my comfy chair and be lazy.  Ok, that’s exactly what I did.  But, I didn’t feel rested.  I felt hung-over.  So what’s a girl to do?  I can’t sleep and when I take a sleep aid, I don’t get rest!  IT’S EXHAUSTING!

This was followed up the following weekend by being exhausted, going to bed, and then staying awake until 9:00 am.  Yes, 9:00 am the next morning.  I finally dozed off about then only to wake up at 12:30.  Fantastic.  I am awake for twenty-four hours and then only sleep for three???  I decided to stay in bed and try to sleep some more.  At 2:30, I finally gave up.  Exhausted, no sleep, no rest, it’s no fun…


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  1. Van
    Feb 18, 2011 @ 10:26:30

    Tylenol PM does that to you. Hangover is the best description I have heard of the effects of the sleep agent. Been there, and wasted half the next day before I felt like I could walk.

    The little green butterfly worked for me, though I no longer use it. While not physically addictive, it can be psychologically addictive.

    Pray’in for you,


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